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Liv Aira

Liv Aira is a dancer and choreographer that often reflects on her indigenous Sami background in her art. She is the founder and artistic director of Invisible People Contemporary Dance Company where she is currently touring with the dance and yoik production Ájttega and the dance show Akti Lij for children. She is the creator of Låvda - Sápmi screendance festival and the indigenous cultural festival Skájdde in Storforsen nature reserve that can host 20 000 people each year. She is currently in the start up of the world's first sami dance center in the north of Sweden outside Jokkmokk. She has a BA in dance and MA in choreography from Institute of the arts Barcelona. 

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Dance festival in nature reserv

The yearly festival takes room in the nature reserve Storforsen outside Älvsbyn in Sápmi, Sweden. Every second year Liv choreographs a new dance, yoik, music and poetry production for the stage. Read more about the show at


Shows for all ages

During the passed years Liv has been touring Sweden, Norway, Spain, Germany and Canada with self produced productions and as a dancer in other companies. 2021 she created the children production Akti Lij together with Marika Renhuvud which they have performed over 200 times. 

Sami dance center

The worlds first

2024 Liv is establishing the worlds first sami dance center outside Jokkmokk in Vuollerim. The center will open the 16th of November 2024. This will be a place for art residencies, both for her own company, but also for dancers from all over the world. The center has an ampfitheater, a big dance studio, a music studio, a conference room and more. 2024 the team focuses on adjusting the building with founding from "Kulturbryggan". From 2025 and onward the center will be a place for professional dancers, dance related events, festivals and much more. Follow the process at

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