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2018 - 2019 Lunnevad folkhögskola Dance Foundation course, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Linköping, Sweden

2018 - 2019 Arenaskolan Highschool education, Jazz Linköping, Sweden
2014 - 2018 Justine Garner Danceschool Ballet, Contemporary and Hip Hop teacher, Sitges, Spain 
2017 Justine Garner Dansschool Summercamp
2016 Musical Factory Assisting choreographer and acrobatic assistant for Nicolette Whitley and Justine Campagnard, Lucern, Switzerland  
2016 World Dance Movement Assistting teacher for Michelle Assaf, Castellana Grotte, Italy 
2016 Planet English summerschool Contemporary, Hip Hop and Jazz dance, Sitges 
2015 Institute of the Arts Barcelona Easter Assisting teacher for Rob Foley and Eva Sánchez Martz
2015 World Dance Movement Jazz dnace teacher, Sitges, Spain 
2014 - 2016 Actic Gym instructor and kids danceteacher, Linköping, Sweden 
2013, 2014 Ett Drömsommarjobb Assisting teacher with Sophia Örnelle and Jesica Rezco, Linköping, Sweden

2011 - 2013 Linköpings Balettförening Baby Ballet, Pre Primary and Primary Ballet teacher, Linköping Sweden - RAD concept
2010 - 2012 Folkuniversitetet Jazz dance, Ballet, Streetdance and Contemporary teacher for kids, Linköping, Sweden 
2009 - 2010 Aktiv Ungdm Jazz dance teacher, Linköping, Sweden


2017 Full scholarship to cover MA Dance at Institute of the Arts Barcelona
2016 Anders Sandrews Stiftelse
2014 Anonymous for Institute of the Arts Barcelona

2020 Dancer, choreographer, artistic director "Ájttega"contemporary production for 11+, by Invisible People DC, Jokkmokk, Sweden.

2019 Dancer "Plupp - En osynling"contemporary production for 3-7 year, by Art How, choreographer Petra Howard, Stockholm, Sweden.
2019 Dancer, “Vem är Ronny?”, contemporary production for 9-12 year, by Danskollektivet Ronny, choreographer Sophia Örnell, Sweden.
2019 Dancer, “Mannem Vuajnah”, sami contemporary dance production for adults, choreographed by Marika Renhuvud, currently touring Sweden and Norway.
2019.03.22 Dance and choreographerr, “Luorkijdit”, cultural performance on the World Water day, yoik by Elin Teilus, Swedish water house, Stockholm, Sweden.
2019 Guest dancer, CD release “Iellemij- to life”, Elin Teilus with band, Ája, Jokkmokk, Sweden.
2019 Dancer, “Tjuavuoh Mujna” with Grammisnominated Sara Ajnnak live TV SVT2 “Samernas nationaldag”, Jokkmokk, Sweden.
2019 Dancer, “Ságŋadit” with Nina Nordvall Vahlberg, 5 pop up dance and yoik performances, site specific based performances, supported by KUPP and Sparbanken Nord, Jokkmokk, Sweden.
2019 Dancer, “Jokkmokk winter market opening", on snow stage to Nina Nordvall Vahlbergs yoik, Jokkmokk, Sweden.
2018 – 2019  Dancer, ”Maddu”, a Sami dance production including contemporary dance, live performed and self-written text and improvisation, by Petra Howard, Stockholm and Sundsvall, Sweden.
2018.12.08 Dancer and choreographer, “Ljuset”, solo, arranged by Anna Sjöberg, Sami Duodji, Jokkmokk, Sweden.
2018.06.05 Choreographer, “Us as One”, opening of Gay Pride with contemporary piece, Sitges, Spain.
2014 - 2018 Member, dancer and assistant of Martz Contemporary Dance Company by Eva Sánchez Martz, Barcelona and Madrid, Spain.
2018.03.10 Dancer and choreographer, “Sea Sámi, See” guest artist/dancer in Johan Sara Jr. 60 min Jojk concert at the “Sámi week”, Folkets hus Umeå, Sweden.
2018.03.09 Dancer and choreographer, “Undo”, 7 min solo performance, Sámi week, at “Bildmuseet”, arranged by Anna Sjöberg and Sámi Duodji, Umeå, Sweden.
2018.02.19-23 Working with Wayne McGregor company through Institute of the Arts Barcelona, Sitges, Spain.
2018 Working with Jasmin Vardimon company through Institute of the Arts Barcelona, Sitges, Spain.
2018.01.12 Dancer, “V2 (TOUCH)” Martz Contemporary Dance Company, by Eva Sánchez Martz, Puertollano, Spain.
2017 Producer, dancer and choreographer, "El Gin Tub Cabaret", a summer production, 10 shows/week in Sitges, Spain.
2017.02.25 Dancer, TV - show “Studio Sápmi” – NRK Sápmi, Karasjok, Norway.
2016 Dancer, "The iron cage" Institute of The Arts Barcelona - contemporary dance performance by Eva Sánchez Martz, Sitges, Spain.
2011 - 2016 Ensemble dancer and soloist, Linköping’s Ballet Ensemble by Marlene Jacobsson, Linköping, Sweden.
2015 Dancer, "New Years Koncert" Konsert & Kongress, with Linköping’s Ballet Ensemble and Linköping’s symphonic orchestra by Marlene Jocobsson, Linköping, Sweden.
2015 Dancer, "Arrows can only be shot" Institute of The Arts Barcelona - Contemporary dance performance by Eva Sánchez Martz, Sitges, Spain.
2015 Dancer, "Dansogram" contemporary dance, by Liv Aira and Maria Naidu, Östergötland, Sweden.
2014 Dancer and assistant, "Ett Drömsommarjobb"  Temporary Contemporary dance company by Tromäki dance company, Jessica Rezco and Sophia Örnell, Linköping, Sweden.



2019 Scenograp​hy course by "Ung Scen Öst". Linköping, Sweden. 
2017 - 2018 Institute of the Arts Barcelona MA Dance, Spain
2014 - 2017 Institute of the Arts Barcelona BA (Hons) Dance, Spain
2013 - 2014 Hälsouniversitetet in Linköping Physiotheraphy education, Sweden
2010 - 2013 Folkuniversitetets Gymnasium Dance programme Linköping, Sweden
2005 - 2014 Linköpings Balett förening Royal Academy of Dance education, Sweden
2007 - 2010 Folkungaskoland high school dance profile, Linköping, Sweden

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