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Photo: Jo Kemp
Photo:James Raby
Photo: Gabriel Mestre
Día de la danza
Photo: Jo Kemp
Musical Factory
Photo: Jo Kemp
Día de la danza
Photo: Jo Kemp
Photo: Nicolette Witley
Photo: Gfotosport
Photo: Jo Kemp
Musical Factory
Photo: Hilda Broqvist
Photo: Jo Kemp
Photo: John Diaz
Photo: Jo Kemp
Photo: Diana Savina
Photo: Ellinor Berggren
Photo: Jonny Aira


DANCE VIDEO - "Dance reel" 


Year of production: 2019

Running Time: 2:07 min
Edit & dancer: Liv Aira

DANCE VIDEO - "Maddu" 


Year of production: 2019

Running Time: 1:02 min
Edit: Liv Aira
Dancers: Liv Aira, Minna Mannelqvist, Sebastian Björkman

Choreographer: Petra Howard
Music: Gustaf Nygren

Maddu is an educating Sami dance production for children and adults 12 +. Available for bookings at

"En dansföreställning om samisk historia och samtid med nyskriven musik, text och video. Hur har statens kolonialisering av Sápmi påverkat generation efter generation? Personliga berättelser om samiska rötter man inte pratade om, om våra förfäder och förmödrars liv, om hur det är att vara same idag. Maddu produceras med stöd av Kulturrådet och Stockholm stad."

DANCE VIDEO - "A new error" 


Year of production: 2018

Running Time: 2:06 min
Camera: Ellie Van Gele

Edit: Liv Aira

Music: Moderat - "A new error"

DANCE VIDEO - "Showreel 2017" 


Year of production: 2017

Running Time: 3:34 min
Edit: Liv Aira

Music: SBTRKT - "Hold On"

Liv Aira's Contemporarydance showreel from 2017. Dance and film material from the dance-film competition "Choreoscope 2016, Barcelona" with the film "Dreamers". Solo from the show "Arrows can only be shot" and "The iron cage" choreographed by Eva Sánchez Martz 2016. Material by Alejandro Altamirano, Raúl Tamez.  The film also contains improvisation.  

DANCE VIDEO - "Movement by the sea" 


Year of production: 2018

Running Time: 1:27 min
Edit: Eva Martz

DANCE VIDEO - "Studio Sápmi" 


Year of production: 2017

Running Time: 1:15 min
Edit: Studio Sápmi
Choreography: Liv Aira
Dancer: Liv Aira

Music: Katarina Barruk - "Ielieh Åjáldahttieh (Dont forget)"

2017, Liv Aira was a guest in LIVE@Studio Sápmi. This is the dancing part of the show.

DANCE VIDEO - "Cabaret El Gin Tub" 


Year of production: 2017

Running Time: 00:58 min
Edit: Liv Aira
Choreography: Liv Aira
Dancers: Liv Aira, Frida Persson, Milly Jowett

Music: Swing Republic - "Crazy In Love"

Cabaret El Gin Tub is a summer production for the "Show Bar; "El Gin Tub Sitges", choreographed and produced by Liv Aira. 2 different shows a day, 5 days a week. The show became very successful summer 2017 and will continue being developed during the year. Costume and music design also by Liv Aira. 


DANCE VIDEO - "Cats ProMo Video" 


Year of production: 2017

Running Time: 0:51 min
Edit: Edgar Gonzales 

Choreographer: Liv Aira, Justine Garner and Hannah Perry

Summer school in Sitges at "Justine Garner Dance School" 2017. Cats the dance show production. The Summer school lasted 2 weeks with 6 hours of dancing/day. Age limit 9-15 years old kids. Make up: Liv and Hannah. 



Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 2:04 min

Choreographer and edit: Josefin Rocén

Music: Johnny Cash - "Hurt"

Josefin Rocén made this video for Liv. The storyline is based on Josefins and Livs life experiences, mixed together. It is about the life of a dancer, how the expectations and the struggle sometimes will push you down so hard that you don't know how to get up. Standing in front of a mirror 9 hours per day is not easy, especially not since the demands on how you "should" look are always present. It is also about the sacrifices we have to make and how important it is to have someone who can help you get up again.

DANCE VIDEO - "Liv Bájnoj"


Year of production: 2016

Running Time: 0:48 min

Choreographer and edit: Liv Aira

Music: Kangding Ray - "Bley Oscillant"

This is a trailer from a ten minutes long choreography Liv Aira choreographed 2016. The idea was to make a piece about how to comunicate feelings through life with colours; both emotionally and practical with colour powder. The theme was baced on: What made you who you are? From the Northern light to the colour red. How to survive by loving the world and focus on the beauty. 

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