Follow the Leader

Last week, the 16th of march, my five beautiful dancers preformed my piece "Follow the Leader". A live preformed game where the constant was the choreographically scores but always in different combinations witch many my dancers never knowing what might happen next. A playful performance where the unexpected always will appear with all the dancers senses awake while I am live choreographing.

Sea Sámi, See

Yesterdays performance with Johan Sara Jr. was something very special. Live Jojk and dance preformed in Umeå folkets hus all improvised to sea-soundscape created by Johan. Live Jojk, drums and piano gave my movements inspiration combined with the hidden message behind our performance. Thank you for everyone who made this possible, especially to Sámi Duodji and Anna Sjöberg.

Ubmejen Biejvieh

Currently working on material for my upcoming performance in Umeå, Sweden, next weekend during "Samiska veckan" and "Art Friday". I will preform in the museum and at Folkets hus with Johan Sara Jr. Very exciting, hope to see you there.

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