Us as one - Sitges Pride 2018

This year I am choreographing the opening of Sitges Pride 2018 with the theme "Stronger together", it is a contemporary piece inspired the gay community history through tuff and happy times. Here is a little rehearsal video/trailer. If your in Sitges don't miss out live performance at the opening of Sitges Pride festival tonight (14th of June 2018), big stage at the seafront 21.00. Choreographer: Liv Aira Video: Liv Aira Screen video during live performance: Colin Fallsen Dancers: Amanda Wilson, Emma Kerekes, Fernando K. Quevedo, Frida Persson, Ieva Jasaite, Tati Lebedzeva

Gay Pride Sitges 2018

Liv Aira is currently choreographing the opening of Sitges Gay Pride 14th of June 2018. The contemporary dance piece is a collaboration with Colin Fallesen who are designing a background projection. The theme of Gay Pride Sitges 2018 is "Stronger together" where the piece also have its origin. It is based on the history of the Gay community where the journey starts 1901 with the first legal gay marriage and the emotional journey through good and bad times through history, that brought us here together to Pride in one of Europes premier gay citys. If you are in Sitges, Barcelona the performance will take place at the main stage by Sitges beach 22.00 Thursday 14th of June 2018. Dancers: Aman

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