Creative process

In the end of my creative process with Elin Teilus and it truly been amazing. So many other artists are supporting us and our production and I can't wait for Saturday and the premiere of "Joik meets dance".

Jojk meets Dance

Do not miss out my project "Jojk meets Dance" the 5th of My 13.00 at "L'Art i Café" Sitges, Barcelona with movement from me, Liv Aira and Jojk by Elin Teilus. Will be magical! "An art event created by Liv Aira. Saturday the 5th of May in collaboration with ”L’Art i Café, de Cristina de Miguel”, Elin Teilus and Joshua Sailo. Jojk meets dance is a contemporary dance performance with two performers and artists representing the intuits from the north of Scandinavia, Sápmi. A communication will be created between body and voice, two universal languages, while “speaking” about topics from the Sami community." SATURDAY THE 5TH OF MAY 13.00 – 13.15 Welcome drink & Tapas (4 €) 13.15 – 13.35 Jojk meet

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